Best Essential Oils to Help Your Family Soothingly Sleep All Night

Best Essential Oils to Help Your Family Soothingly Sleep All Night

Experiencing just one sleepless night can completely destroy your entire week. On a normal day, you may be the most positive person in the world. All of this can quickly change if you suffer from a dreadful period of insomnia. Your body needs sleep in order to replenish and rejuvenate itself from the strenuous day before. You can’t afford to lose even a second of the deep relaxation that comes with a good night’s sleep.

After only a couple hours of sleep, you wake up with an axe to grind! You feel frustrated, angry, and overwhelmed before you’ve even stumbled over to the bathroom to brush your teeth. Does this sound familiar? Let’s help you learn what essential oils are good for sleeping so you can substitute these sleepless nights with the best sleep you’ve ever had!

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Top 5 Essential Oils That Are Best for Sleep

You may not be one to take a bunch of pills that are “recommended” for your sleepless nights and that’s completely okay. You are definitely not alone in your fight to find the most natural ways to promote a more relaxing and anxiety-free lifestyle. The benefits essential oils can provide you are truly endless when you understand the advantages each particular oil can bring to your life. Check out the top 5 essential oils to help sleep and anxiety below!

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is one of the most well-known essential oils on the market today due to its ability to provide relaxing effects over your entire body. The herbaceously sweet aroma produced by this amazing oil is completely safe to use on babies as well as adults.

We ensure to utilize 100% pure and undiluted lavender oil that will provide you therapeutic grade results with every single use! If you are currently going through a state of severe depression and anxiety, don’t be hesitant to try this natural oil. Allow your body to fall into a more consistently calm state.

Lavender Essential Oil


Relax Essential Oil Blend

We pride ourselves in always providing essential oil blends that will truly work for you when you need them most. This blend is specifically designed to produce a sweet, floral aroma that will deliver a calming feeling of relaxation in just a few minutes.

Our Relax Essential Oil Blend combines Bergamot, Chamomile, Geranium, Lavender, Marjoram, Orange, and Patchouli to give you the most effective results after only one use. Placing a few drops into the palm of your hand or utilizing one of our fantastic diffusers, like the diamonds diffuserwill allow you to quickly experience these calming effects.

Relax Essential Oil Blend

Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend (includes chamomile)

This blend is one of our most powerful blends of essential oils! The Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend will allow you to effectively induce sleep even after the most stressful day. Utilize our white ceramic oil diffuser to fully immerse yourself in this aroma as you sleep through the night.

If your children are becoming a little more restless, place one of our premium diffusers in their room as well so they can wake up feeling calm and rejuvenated. 

Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend

Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil Blend

This Lavender 40/42 Blend is an incredible combination of various essential oils that provide you with a wide range of healthy lifestyle benefits. Although you are mainly focusing on fixing your insomnia issues, this oil can do that and much more! The Lavender 40/42 benefits are incredible! This blend relaxes your body, relieves sore muscles, and calms your mind all at the same time.

You are able to use this on your children who are experiencing early signs of anxiety if they are two years old and up. The powerful effects of this oil will be noticed almost instantly!

Peace & Quiet Essential Oil Blend

As is expressed in the title, the Peace & Quiet Blend will help you find a moment of peace within your otherwise extremely busy schedule. You deserve to take a quick second to yourself in order to be productive throughout the rest of your day or sleep soundly throughout the entire night.

This amazing combination provides you and your family with the synergy needed to form loving bonds in a stress-free household.

Create a Stress-Free Environment

Best Essential Oils to Help Your Family Soothingly
                    Sleep All Night

There are various methods you can use to immerse yourself in a realm of relaxation supported by our essential oils. You can apply the essential oils to your skin, place them in your new diffuser, or do a nice combination of both!

Skin Application

When using a couple drops of our natural essential oils for your children, you may want to dilute them with about a teaspoon of coconut oil. If you don’t have coconut oil readily available in your home, feel free to use olive oil as well. This allows your children to experience the benefits of the oils without causing any irritation or burning to their extremely delicate skin.

Adults have tougher skin than children so you can place these oils directly on your skin or dilute them with a couple drops of olive oil. The best places to put these oils are on the back of your neck and the bottoms of your feet. Feel free to waft the smell into your nose for immediate relaxation!

Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

Our selection of high-quality diffusers will allow you to saturate any room with the calming aroma of your chosen essential oil for the night. One of our most popular choices is the Glass Wood Diffuser given it is electric with a 120 mL water capacity.

There are various modes included so you can decide how long you would like the aroma to diffuse into your room. We also support a large range of designs from the Simple Black Diffuser to the Diamond & Dreams Diffusers. Using a dream ceramic aroma diffuser is an extremely easy process that allows you to continuously breathe in the oils for soothing sleep throughout the entire night.

White Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

Start Your Relaxation Journey with Us

If you try one of our oils and absolutely love the results, feel free to bundle them up into one of our exclusive collections. Both the stress-free and relax & sleep essential oils collections are sure to provide you with the calming sleep you’ve been longing for.

Mental health is extremely important and our large selection of essential oils will help you on your journey to creating a healthy environment for your entire family. Find your favorite oils among our list or contact us with all your questions. We’d love to hear from you today!

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