How to EASILY practice mindfulness meditation with aromatherapy

EASILY practice mindfulness meditation with aromatherapy

Meditation has numerous benefits for both mental and physical health. It can help reduce blood pressure, reduce cortisol levels and improve your immune function, along with many other mental and physical benefits. Combined with aromatherapy, meditation can help to elevate your spirituality and reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

Scientific studies provide real life evidence that aromatherapy can help you relax on new levels. A study conducted in 2017 suggested that using aromatherapy during meditation can reduce anxiety levels by up to 47%. Practicing meditation with aromatherapy can be an incredible stress and anxiety reliever and is an excellent addition to your daily routine.

Aromatherapy with meditation is also beneficial for those that struggle to free their minds and focus during meditation. Focusing on the scent of the essential oil can help you if thoughts of the outside world creep their way into your mind during meditation sessions. If you are trying to focus on your breathing and you find your thoughts wandering, refocus your attention onto the calming smell of your chosen essential oil. You can even keep your eyes open while meditating and watch the different patterns of the trails of smoke coming from your diffuser. Focusing your attention on the smoke will help you focus your mind and forget worries.

How to EASILY practice mindfulness meditation with aromatherapy: Four super easy steps!

1) Prepare your diffuser by adding water and essential oils, and turn it on.

2) Sit in your meditation posture and focus on your breathing, aware of the sensation of breath entering and leaving the body.

3) Imagine the diffuser vapor carrying away all of the negative emotions... Inhale the fragrance for five seconds. Exhale, slowly, releasing any negative emotions.

4) Repeat five times.

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Begin your aromatherapy and meditation journey today

We all need an escape from our hectic modern lives; aromatherapy and meditation can help give us that escape. Using aromatherapy during meditation sessions can help you to refocus and reconnect with yourself while reducing your anxiety and stress levels. Essential oils help you to feel calm and grounded, while connecting you to a higher level of spirituality and creating a sense of inner peace. Aromatherapy might just be what your meditation sessions are missing.

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