Magic Rainbow Glass Diffuser - From Cleo
Magic Rainbow Glass Diffuser - From Cleo
Magic Rainbow Glass Diffuser - From Cleo

Magic Rainbow Glass Diffuser

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Fill your home with healing aromas & add a positive feel to your home

Have you been wishing for a luxurious space at home? One that’ll make you feel more comfortable, but will also astound all your guests? It all starts with the Magic Rainbow Glass Diffuser. A ceramic-covered, colorful, and positivity-packed diffuser that your home has been dreaming about.

AN ELEGANT (AND MAGIC) ADDITION TO YOUR ROOM - Been meaning to make your home look better? This diffuser is everything you need (and more). It features a colorful design - adding positivity to any room.

FEEL HEALTHY, BE HEALTHY - The Magic Rainbow Glass Diffuser can be infused with essential oils that can combat your fatigue, breathing difficulties, insomnia, anxiety, skin dryness, and more.

COMPACT & SMALL DESIGN - Other diffusers can be bulky, inconvenient, and look like ‘clutter’ in your home. This one makes your home look special without all the bulkiness.

CERAMIC-COVERED & EASY OPERATION - Unlike other diffusers (made with cheap plastic materials), this one is crafted with a rich ceramic material - one that’s made to last for years. Also features a safety-off switch, silent operation, and ZERO need for batteries.


  1. IT ADDS A POSITIVE FEEL TO YOUR HOME - It’s just what a colorful diffuser does.

  2. MADE TO LAST - Other diffusers are constructed with cheap plastic material. 

  3. BOOST YOUR MENTAL WELL-BEING - The Magic Rainbow Glass Diffuser is easily filled with essential oils (options available at checkout) and can help with positive thinking, combatting anxiety, depression, and more.

  4. IT’LL MAKE YOUR GUESTS SAY “OMG, WOWW” - Yep… other diffusers are boring and plain. This one features a magical design - it’ll be noticed by your guests straight away.

  5. SAFE TO USE - Candles are dangerous (forgetting about and burning). This diffuser makes your home smell delightful without the danger involved. Safety-off switch.

Magic Rainbow Glass Diffuser features

  • Electric - doesn't require batteries
  • 250 ml water capacity
  • Silent operation
  • Safety off switch
  • Timer option
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fills rooms up to 150 sq ft
  • 2, 4, 6 hours of continuous mist

How to use an oil diffuser? 

  1. Choose Location: Pick an open area in a room or office with a solid surface.
  2. Add Water: Fill your diffuser water tank to the water reservoir's fill line with clean tap water.
  3. Add fragrance oils: we highly recommend trying essential oils over synthetic fragrances, but both are safe to use with this diffuser.
  4. Turn On.
  5. Enjoy the calming power of scents.