Waves Ceramic Diffuser - From Cleo
Waves Ceramic Diffuser - From Cleo
Waves Ceramic Diffuser - From Cleo

Waves Ceramic Diffuser

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Add that special feel to your home and allow for healing aromas to diffuse around your atmosphere!

Are you looking to add that ‘special’ feel to your home? That feel that’ll make your home even more dreamy, and will prepare you for home memories like never before? Catered just for home-lovers, we’ve designed the Simple Grey Ceramic Diffuser. Yes… it’s classy in design (enhancing your decor), but it also features a health-boosting design. Add a few drops of essential oil, turn the diffuser on and just indulge.

It’s perfect for the hallway, living room, bedroom, or even the kitchen. Just place it in your home… you’ll instantly know the feeling that we’re referring to.

Here’s why you’ll fall in love with the diffuser...

ADDS SOMETHING SPECIAL TO YOUR DECOR - Adopting a minimal, but very classy design - the ceramic oil diffuser will bring that ‘special’ feel to your home. Versatile design, making it flawless for any decor.

HEALTH-BOOSTING DESIGN - Yep… that’s right. Infusing aromatherapeutic scents into your room (plenty to choose from), our diffuser can also boost your health. We use scents that tackle skin dryness, difficulties with breathing, stuffy noses, and more. 

FLAWLESS FOR ANY ROOM - The aroma ultrasonic diffuser features a better design (not bulky and inconvenient and others), meaning you can easily place it in any room of your home. Just plug it in and make your room smell delightful.

SIMPLISTIC & HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN - It’s not only crafted with a high-quality material (made to last), but it’s much safer than alternatives. Safety off switch, silent operation, and no need for batteries.

Grey Ceramic Diffuser features

  • Electric - doesn't require batteries
  • White electric cord
  • 120 ml water capacity
  • Silent operation
  • Safety off switch
  • Timer option
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fills rooms up to 270 sq ft
  • 4 hours of continuous mist


  • Mode 1: Continuous mode. Red light. Mist emits continuously. Automatically turns off after 4 hours.
  • Mode 2: Continuous high mode. Blue light. Mist emits continuously. Automatically turns off after 2.5 hours.
  • Mode 3: Intervals of 30 seconds mode. Green light. Mist emits at intervals. Automatically turns off after 6 hours.
  • Mode 4: 2-hour timer. Purple light.
  • Mode 5: Power off. No light. 

How to use an oil diffuser? 

  1. Choose Location: Pick an open area in a room or office with a solid surface.
  2. Add Water: Fill your diffuser water tank to the water reservoir's fill line with clean tap water.
  3. Add fragrance oils: we highly recommend trying essential oils over synthetic fragrances, but both are safe to use with this diffuser.
  4. Turn On.
  5. Enjoy the calming power of scents.


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