About the Cleo Team

Welcome to From Cleo!

Based in Austin, Texas (Howdy! 🌮 🎵), we're dedicated to providing high-quality and eco-friendly products that help create relaxing and comfortable spaces through the use of fragrances.  We believe that fragrance is what makes your house, a home. 

Why From Cleo? 

After many years working in the tech industry, the pressure and hustling culture finally got to me in 2018. All of those long hours working on a computer, trying to deliver projects on time while also living a social life, working out, drinking water, being a good sister, daughter, and wife; let me to a bad state of anxiety. In my search to find calmness, I discovered the importance of having a comfortable and cozy environment to relax, recenter, and look inward. In 2020, we decided to open From Cleo to help other people create their own personal sanctuaries using fragrance products that bring peace & joy. 

We are not perfect, but every day we work very hard to find brands that represent our values and commitment to the community. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. 

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