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Nova White 90 Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser 5V SERENE HOUSE

Superstar 90 Ceramic Diffuser

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Create the home space that's always been in your dreams and boost your well-being while doing so!

The Superstar 90 Ceramic Diffuser is everything you need (and much more). It's not called the "superstar" for no reason. It features a thoughtful design (inspired by the galaxy) and is the perfect addition to your home decor. Wherever you place the diffuser - bedroom, hallway, kitchen, or living room, you'll instantly feel the change in the ambiance, believe us. Plus, it's also an excellent diffuser for boosting your well-being. So add a few drops of your fave essential oil, plug it in, and indulge.

Perfect for relaxation, sleep, relieving skin dryness, promoting healthy breathing, and much more. P.S - It's also a beautifully-crafted gift. Know someone who loves their home decor? This is just for them.

Here's why you'll fall in love with the diffuser…

COMPLEMENT YOUR HOME DECOR - Classic white color, making it a flawless addition for any room. As soon as the diffuser is placed in your room, you'll feel the shift in the atmosphere… believe us.

INFUSES DELIGHTFUL SCENTS TO YOUR HOME - The smell of your home can make or break your mood - this ceramic oil diffuser makes your mood. It infuses your ambiance with aromas (like lavender, orange, tea tree, cypress, and more).

BOOST YOUR HEALTH & FEEL BETTER - The above-listed essential oils? Yep… they also help boost your general well-being. Perfect for relieving skin dryness, stress, promoting good sleep, and much more.

SAFE & SIMPLE DESIGN - Not only is there a ZERO need for batteries/external systems, but the ceramic oil diffuser also features a safe design - making it more ideal than alternatives like candles.


  • Electronic - doesn't require batteries
  • White electric cord
  • 7 LED Colors
  • 4-hour continuous mode
  • 8 hours intermediate mode
  • Timer Function

How to use an oil diffuser? 

  1. Choose Location: Pick an open area in a room or office with a solid surface.
  2. Add Water: Fill your diffuser water tank to the water reservoir's fill line with clean tap water.
  3. Add fragrance oils: we highly recommend trying essential oils over synthetic fragrances, but both are safe to use with this diffuser.
  4. Turn On.
  5. Enjoy the calming power of scents.

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